About Sultana's Beauty Clinic & School


Nina started Sultana’s Beauty Clinic & School in 1984. 

She has been teaching aesthetics for nearly four decades. 

Needless to say, Nina has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience as a business owner and aesthetics instructor. 

Sultana’s Beauty Clinic & School is fully licensed and recognized by Alberta Advanced Education under the heading of Private Career Colleges.

Nina’s main focus now is towards make-up artistry and Facial treatments. She has worked with theatre and television make-up, fashion shows etc.

Nina has also conducted beauty seminars overseas as well. Her passion is to help people look and feel beautiful from the inside and out. Nina has travelled extensively and has constantly been updating her skills by taking courses and attending beauty seminars.



I have been involved in the health and wellness industry for well over twenty years.

I hold a degree in Physical Education as well as numerous diplomas and certifications in fitness, nutrition, clinical hypnosis, molecular hydrogen therapy and holistic pain management. I also have specialized training in Micro-current Stimulation Therapy that covers a barrage of treatment protocols.

In order to treat the body, it is vital to understand the underlying layers. These underlying layers are what we need to work on in order to attain ultimate wellness.

What’s really missing in today’s society is a common ground that joins all levels of people under one umbrella. We need to centralize our treatment protocols in order to truly attain optimal results. I don’t believe in just following what everyone is doing, or for that matter, what has been taught in textbooks and schools. If we truly want results, then we need to think outside of the box.

If we are truly going to achieve wellness, we need to spend some time in understanding how to prevent injuries and illness. We need to understand how to make people live a pain free life. Our role is not just to continuously treat people for the same problems over and over again. We want to educate and prepare people to live a healthier and pain free life so that they can truly live a healthier and more productive life.

Essentially, it is our job to educate people and give them the right choices. Ultimately, people will recognize and respect the authenticity and sincerity of our services. This is what true wellness is all about.

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